a multilingual classification system for cultural content

Iconclass as Linked open Data

for more information on using this site as an API, and how to retrieve texts for Iconclass codes, see /help/lod

Whether you need to index your own collection of pictures or texts, or want to discover how other researchers and institutions have indexed theirs, this is the place to start.

These are sample images from the RKDimages database that have been described using ICONCLASS. Refresh this page to load another set of random samples.

You can do simple and sophisticated keyword searches, browse the Iconclass schedules, and study how others have used Iconclass to describe hundreds of thousands of objects. The pictures that accompany Iconclass are not an intrinsic part of the Iconclass system, but merely serve as samples to illustrate the possible use of the system.

For more information about the Iconclass Classification System see www.iconclass.nl